President Obama’s Recent Mandate to Accept Transgenderism

Several people have shared with me an article by Denny Burk on Obama’s recent edict regarding transgenderism. Burk refers to a NY Times article, which gives the details of Obama’s plan to force the issue of accepting transgenderism in our public education across the country.

As far as it goes, Burk’s piece is thoughtful and good from a Christian point of view, but I believe Christians need to go even farther in our thinking. Burk referenced Romans 1:18 at the end of the article, and he mentioned truth suppression with regard to the gender issue. There is more truth suppression going on, however, than we might think.

Why would a sitting United States president give such a directive about transgenderism? For that matter, why is he so intent on pressing the homosexual agenda here in the USA and even in other countries?  It is that he and many in our nation have been given over to morally reprobate thinking about the most basic things in the created order. Why would our Supreme Court legalize marriage between individuals of the same gender?  The same reason–God has given them over to a mind that is devoid of righteous judgment (read the rest of Romans 1:18-32). Their thoughts are not God’s thoughts. Their ways are not God’s ways. They cannot judge accurately because God has removed from them a moral compass.

What is causing this (im)moral revolution? It has to do with our idolatry as a nation. It has to do the fact that we as a nation have forgotten God. It has to do with the fact that we are more interested in pleasing ourselves and our desires than we are in doing God’s pleasure.

If our response as Christians to such presidential actions is to merely bemoan the fact and be outspoken against it and be sure to vote in the next election, we have missed the point. We must do more. We must search our own souls for idols and repent whenever we find one. We must repent of our worldliness and pursuit of temporal things. We must turn back to God and humble ourselves before Him. We must humbly preach the Gospel to those who are lost as well and call them to repentance. We must ask God help us as a nation to see our idolatry and turn to Him for mercy.

We are foolish to think that the state of affairs in our nation has everything to do with a radical agenda and nothing to do with our own idolatry. It is most certainly both. Romans 1 teaches that God gives men over to the lusts of their own hearts as a judgment for rejecting Him. The presence of reprobate thinking is ITSELF an evidence of God’s wrath.

May God have mercy upon our nation and grant us repentance or we will go the way of destruction as many nations have before us.

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