The Disciples’ Prayer


Luke 11:1-4 & Matthew 6

Pray in the plural (v.2-4). Jesus taught that we should pray for one another in this prayer by using “us” and “we” and “our” rather than “I” “me” and “my.”

Address our Father personally. (v.2) While we can pray to Jesus and the Spirit, Jesus taught us to directly address the Father in prayer.

Acknowledge our Father’s position. (v.2) Our Father is in heaven on a throne of glory, so humility is fitting to addressing Him. His is our Father—near to us, but He is also in heaven—far above us.

Give our Father praise. (v.2) We enter into His courts with praise, remembering and exalting His many names and His glorious perfections as God.

Seek our Father’s purposes. (v.2)   We begin our petitions not with our own needs but His purposes—the increase of His kingdom and the accomplishment of His will.

Ask our Father for provision (v.3). We ought to pray in advance for our material provision, and in thankfulness for what we have already received.

Ask our Father for pardon (v.4). We pray for forgiveness for our sins with an attitude of forgiveness towards others. We ought always seek reconciliation with our brothers and sisters.

Ask our Father for protection (v.4). We ought always to pray for protection from the Evil One, Satan, and from falling to temptation and sin. This is a part of our seeking to be holy like Him.

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