“Come to the Waters”

My wife and I have been working through this excellent devotional book this year. It is filled with very challenging and helpful expositional devotionals each day from the sermons of James Montgomery Boice. It is out of print, but you can still find copies on Amazon and Abebooks. It is definitely worth the investment.
One recent devotional was called “God’s Man” and was based on Moses’s account of how God blessed and used Joseph in Egypt. Boice notes the emphasis on God in Joseph’s speech in Egypt. For a brief study on Joseph’s constant emphasis on God’s presence and sovereignty in Joseph’s life, look at the following verses.
Genesis 39:9
Genesis 40:8
Genesis 41:16
Genesis 41:25, 28, 32
Genesis 45:5, 7, 8
Genesis 48:9
Genesis 50:19-20, 24-25
Boice concludes with the application:
“God! God! God! God! This was the dominant theme in Joseph’s speech and life, and it is this that made him what he truly was: God’s man in godless Egypt. May that same awareness make you God’s true man or woman wherever his own wise plan has placed you.”

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