“Jesus Calling”?

As of January 2016, Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” is currently #1 in Christian devotionals on Amazon.com and has well over 11,000 reviews on that website alone. It does have some major problems theologically, however, and Christians ought to be aware of them.

Two helpful critiques of Young’s book are by Tim Challies and Justin Peters. Challies lists 10 problems with the book: http://www.challies.com/book-reviews/jesus-calling. His analysis is worth reading and his cautions are being confirmed as I read through Young’s book.

Another reference to Young’s book is from Justin Peters at the Strange Fire Conference in 2013. Peters draws attention to the major problem with Young’s book and to the very popular women’s teacher Beth Moore.

My own impressions from reading Young’s book is that she may truly have good intention to help people, but she is doing something dangerous. She writes “from the perspective of Jesus speaking.” Although she says that she tries to keep her writings consistent with Scripture, which she claims is “the only, infallible, inerrant Word of God,”the fact is that she is “putting in Jesus’ mouth” things that He did not say. While she does not claim her words are Scripture, she writes in such a way as to direct and guide people in the way that only God can do. It would be much better if people would simply read the words of Jesus in the Gospels and meditate on them. If they do, they will hear a different voice–not someone’s imaginations of what He might say, but His authentic voice. They will hear the voice of the One who is Himself the Truth and always spoke the truth.


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