“By the Grace of God I Am What I Am” or “Paul’s Parenthesis” by Spurgeon

“I am sure that this is pure unadulterated Truth of God, that Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace saves the soul from beginning to end. But if you ask me, “Why is a man lost?” then the Antinomian and I will differ altogether. I say if he is lost, it is his own fault—it is his sin and his willful rejection of Christ that cause him to be lost. And if there is any Arminian here who will lay the guilt of sin on the sinner’s conscience, I can do that as much as he can, and I believe I shall have Scripture with me in so doing! Damnation is all of man from first to last—and salvation is all of Grace from first to last! Someone asks, “How do these two things agree?” No, Brother, how do these two things disagree? If you will tell me when they quarrel, I will try to reconcile them. They stand in this Book side by side as two grand Inspired Truths of God and they should be preached side by side! They never did fall out and they never will. If you love self-righteousness, they will quarrel with you—but they will never quarrel with each other.”


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