“Let’s Talk”

  I wholeheartedly agree with the desire in this video to talk about other options than abortion for those who are unmarried and have an unplanned pregnancy. I would also agree that the problem is in the church. God’s people can easily reflect the world and its choices rather than the Biblical ideals. The overwhelmingly more significant point I gained from the statistics in the video, however, is the underlying reality that it is “evangelicals” and/or “Christians” who are admitting to the sin of fornication. Why isn’t that addressed in the video or another one? Why is the NAE seemingly being mute about that point?

While we certainly acknowledge the value and importance of life for children who are conceived illegitimately, we ought also to value the eternal life of those who commit such sin. The Bible calls illicit sexual activity among unmarried individuals “fornication,” and it says that those who live such a lifestyle will not inherit the kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). For those who do not repent and live such a lifestyle, the Scriptures give no confidence that they truly belong to the household of faith. For someone who calls him/herself and evangelical, such sin calls into question their profession of Jesus as Lord.

The recent pamphlet called the “Theology of Sex” produced by the National Association of Evangelicals (found on the same website–www.naegeneration.com) does not once mention the word “fornication,” in spite of the fact that it claims to be a “robust” statement on the subject of a Biblical view of sex. While it speaks of sin as rebellion and disobedience, it highlights the nature of sin as “brokenness.” Not once does it mention the serious consequences for those who live a lifestyle of fornication. Perhaps the NAE should consider amplifying their concern about the equally serious matter of fornication among those who call themselves Christians, a problem that strikes at the very heart of what an evangelical claims to be.

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