C.H. Spurgeon on Exposition

This is a great quote about the proper way to handle Scripture in exposition. It comes from a sermon preached on December 2, 1877, titled “God’s Thoughts and Ways High Above Ours.”

“There are many ways of handling Scripture, but to my mind the freshest and most instructive is to expound it by its surroundings. To pick out a plum here and there is the children’s method, but hardly satisfies students of the Word. ” Let us not rend it,” is exceedingly good advice with regard to Scripture, which is in some sense the garment of God. I will take hold of the central part of the rich piece of silken truth contained in this chapter, and I will lift up the whole fabric before you and bid you observe its texture, and note how wonderfully it is wrought throughout. Exposition is ever nourishing to the Lord’s people . . . .”

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