Becoming a Priest of Nature

B. M. Palmer has a great thought in his first chapter of his Theology of Prayer. He writes, ““Upon this soul is stamped the seal of divine attributes. In his intelligence man dimly reflects the divine wisdom; in his affections, the divine benevolence; in his conscience, the divine rectitude; in his will, the divine power. Such a being can find his true sphere only in God. All these endowments point to that august source from which they are derived, as the only goal to which they aspire; and the comprehensive act in which they all embark is the homage of an intelligent and eternal worship. To this end was man invested with ‘dominion over the works of God’s hands,’ that, as the priest of nature, he might walk through the aisles of her vast cathedral, and lead the whole choir of earth in chants of thanksgiving and joy. It is his office to gather the inarticulate praises of this dumb world into his censer, investing them with his own intelligence and thought, and lighting them at the fire of his own devotion; and then, as the voice of nature, to pour the flood of praise forever upon Him who has created all for His glory.”

May we continually look for more incense to put in our censers to offer to the One who made us for His glory.

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