The “Grandeur of Missionary Labors”

What am I living for?  That is what this quote from Charles Hodge in its context has always challenged me to consider. He had listened to William Carey’s companion William Ward speak at Princeton Seminary. The next day he remarked, “I never felt the importance and grandeur of missionary labors as I did last evening.  I could not help looking around the congregation and asking myself, “What are these people living for?”  Granting that each should attain his most elevated object, what would it all amount to?  Then, looking at these men in India, giving the Bible to so many millions, which I know can never be in vain, I see them opening a perennial fountain, which, when they are dead for ages, will still afford eternal life to millions.”  Princeton Seminary, vol. 2, 140

May God give us grace to live and give His eternal truth to those who have not heard it.

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